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Your Kids Might Call Your Tiffins Boring. This Chocolate “Up-Date” Changes All That

As a parent concerned for your young ones’ health, you often encourage healthier options in their breakfasts and school tiffins.

The problem is that healthy snack options can often be boring ones.

They could lack that vital sweetness or those ample, powerful tastes that proteins and fats lend.

And you don’t want to sacrifice on taste, now, do you?

Know About Date Butter Cocoa’s Strong Nutritional Value:

Everything Happy’s Date Butter Cocoa spread is rich in minerals, fibers, and antioxidants and derives its taste from a variety of natural, homegrown ingredients that keeps your body a temple.

All the three base ingredients bring their strengths to your table, also helping your body gain some benefits:

Date Syrup brings you its natural sweetness with a full ingredient card of:

  • Vitamins — B2, B6, C
  • Dietary fiber
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Antioxidants

Almond Butter brings you its natural power with a full ingredient card of:

  • Unsaturated fats — Omega-3
  • Proteins
  • Antioxidants
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium

And Cocoa naturally gives your meals that X-factor that most kids are just ready to fall in love with.

Everything Happy’s Date Butter Cocoa smashes through these conventions 

It is a delicious-yet-healthy alternative to your traditional butter, hazelnut or chocolate spreads, and Date Butter Classic.

  • It owns the exciting tastes of your conventional chocolate spreads along with the sturdy healthiness of your conventional nut butter.
  • It beats these conventional chocolate spread by offering the best qualities of both.
  • It avoids their disadvantages.

It has three, rich entwining tastes from its three primary ingredients to pique the taste buds of your kids—surely making them the envy of their classmates at school:

  • Sweet Date Syrup
  • Earthy Almond Butter
  • Bitter Cocoa

What Are the Other Advantages of this Chocolatey Concoction?

  • Healthy Substitute for Processed Chocolate Spreads
  • High-fiber Breakfast Option
  • Helpful to Diabetics
  • Vegan Butter that Caters to People Allergic to Dairy or Peanut

Its chocolatey tinge blends with the naturally sweetening date syrup and the earthy, sugar-conservative almond butter base in a scrumptious balance.

Every bunch of dates used in this unprocessed date syrup is richly strengthened with naturally sweet ingredients, taken off certified date plantations in the UAE. This delicious date syrup is then crafted into our homegrown variety of almond butter, sweetening the tongue.

Everything Happy’s Date Butter Cocoa spread has a nutritional philosophy that is grounded in pure intentions, and we do not take this product through excessive factory processing nor use processed sugar. The whole product is made stronger without that impediment.

Ideas on How to Consume it:

There are various ways you can have this delicious date spread:

1) Quick Breakfast Options:

Speed saves schedules.

In the morning, you need to get fresh food ready for your kids in double-quick time—on their plates as well as in their tiffins.

The most obvious method of speed preparation is by using slices of soft bread. Slop on Everything Happy’s Date Butter Cocoa spread and your tiffins and breakfast plates will never look better.

Your kids might even have their classmates robbing out of their tiffins!

And considering the popularity of vegetarian diets in this country, Date Butter Cocoa is one of the better healthy vegetarian breakfast options that can encourage a culture of fun-tinged healthiness in schools.

2) Evening Snacks Ideas:

In the evening after school, your kids are raring to play outdoors. You can pump a powerful amount of energy into their bodies with Date Butter Cocoa. Use it on bread, chapatis, in oatmeal, smoothie bowls, granola bars: fashion it as a fruit dip; or infuse into your cookies, cupcakes, and more. It makes a great evening tea snack!

Date Butter Cocoa is the Balanced Best of Two Complementing Desires: Sweetness and Healthiness. 

Make the most of it by ordering online today—make sure to try our subscription packs for discounts and free giveaways.

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